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Our service

We serve automobile customers internationally with extensive scope of service.

Car supply

We always have popular car models in stock. These could be straight delivered from port or warehouse site. By stock cars, you get them quicker and easier than factory order. Besides this, we also work with factory orders to create regular basis for large numbers and tailor cars to the desired configurations.


We offer our customers the possibility to pay with Letter of Credit, therefore the international transaction risk can be reduced greatly. We can also support as the 3rd party to the buyer and seller who already made a deal, but need to finance the transaction with a Letter of Credit.


Pre-delivery inspection, we make a complete car report of every single car. That presents car conditions which include the photos of the car interior, exterior and accessories. Ship handling, we have professional and experienced dockworkers to load and unload the cars.

Accessories & Styling

Renovation of unique styling is also available within our service. You could redefine your car.

Car Parts

Original car parts are always supplied upon request.

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